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Metal in the 2015 Grammy's and in Kingston

Metal in the 2015 Grammy's

For years it has been quite obvious that whoever decides on the winners of the Grammy's does not have a clue what metal is. It is bad enough that the numb-nuts who organize the event don't think any type of music is worth while unless it has a rap track, but the way they have completely dismissed Metal or Hard Rock as important genres is deplorable.

Take for instance their winner for Best Metal Performance for 2015. They picked the least Metal sounding track from a tribute album. At least it was from a tribute to the great Ronnie James Dio, but they picked Tenacious D instead of any of the great Metal acts that fill the album.

The other nominees for their Metal award at least had real Metal acts this year with rightfully pedigrees: such as Thrash innovators Anthrax; the crushingly heavy Mastodon; alternative modern Metal monsters Slipknot; and the Gods of Speed Metal Motörhead. Looking at these amazing nominees it makes their decision as winner for the award all that much more absurd. 

Also, what the hell is this "Best Performance" crap? None of the nominees are from a live performance of any kind, so what are they trying to say? There is no award for best Metal album or song, just a bullshit "Best Performance" crumb. No wonder we have had to go to other venues to get some recognition for Metal music like the Golden God Awards.

As Far as Rock the Grammy's have not been much better. At least they did one good thing this year; they had the King's of Hard Rock AC/DC open the TV show. It is by far the best opening for the show I have seen.

Unfortunately now I will have to come down off of that high to endure a show full of new rap and rnb pop hits. It all leaves a disappointing taste in a Rock and Metal fans mouth.

It is sad that the fat cats that get the say at these awards have such a limited idea of what  constitutes good music

Metal In Kingston


First we have the Progressive Metal outfit Ponderous Chain. If you have not heard their album Shackled then you should check it out, it is available on itunes. Shackled has garnered praise for its strong musicianship and complexity.

From what I have been able to see through social media the last time they have publicly posted anything was September of last year. I hope that does not mean that they are defunct, but even if they are they at least gave us one great sounding heavy album.

Check out their facebook page to see the rich history of this band and their impact on the local Kingston music scene.


Next up is a Heavy Metal band Rise Of Dissension. How could you not like a Canadian group that states that they formed up in the early fridged months of 2014? Besides that these guys kick out a catchy straight forward Metal assault that brings to mind Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society.

Their album Rise Of Dissension includes 11 of their Rocking tunes and is available on itunes. It was released just last year and keeps these delinquents busy playing. In fact you can catch them this February 20th at The Mansion.


Basalisk is a Progressive Metal band that channels the wild Metal-mania that ran rampant in the Heavy Metal heydays of the 1980's. Their sound flows with Iron Maiden-esk layered guitar solos and even some keyboards.

Formed in 2011 they have been roaming the countryside entertaining crowds with their impressive live shows ever since.

If you think you are the next Nicko McBrain and desire to drum your ever living Metal heart out for a Kingston band you could become part of the phenomenon known as Basalisk: As of November 25th 2014 they have been in search for a new drummer since Keegan Compagnon left the band due to unforeseen events. 


Sovereign Council is a seven member Metal band that are all about bridging the gap between Classical, Rock, and modern Metal according to their facebook page. They have a fan-base that covers more than just Southern Ontario, but includes South America.

Their 2013 album New Reign is "a very relevant work in the Canadian scene and... in the worldwide heavy metal scene according to Heavy Metal Brasil. 

From the reviews on Sovereign Council expect to see more about them coming to light worldwide.


Thanks to Matt Heartwick's Kingston Music Reviews for giving some incite into the Kingston music scene. I recommend anyone interested in the Ontario Canada music scene to check out Matt's blog. 

Thank you for reading and keep the Metal flowing!
Kevin Sweeney 

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