Saturday, 24 January 2015

Great Music on Twitter

Great Music on Twitter

I fortunately have been able to listen to quite a few bands that I have never heard of before thanks to their advertising on twitter. This is a small list of several of the great acts that I have been able to enjoy recently thanks to the little blue bird. These are all groups that have messaged me about checking out their music.

Remanon is an exceptional progressive band, that combine intelligent lyrics with complex music styling. They have an excellent sounding frontman and a wonderfully free floating style that combines elements of jazz, rock, and metal. It is something that is refreshing and definitely worthwhile hearing.

If you follow the link that I provided to their ReverbNation site you can download a free mp3 of the track "Justice Paige," which is a great tune.

If you prefer your music Metalcore than you should check out Dissident By Birth. This Italian band loves to Thrash and it can be heard and felt at full volume. They charge out the gate combining growling vocals, catchy heavy riffs, and a great groove.

You can download music by this beautiful metal monstrosity from their ReverbNation page. I encourage you to do just that, crank it up and Rock Out!

   If you are more into some good old hard rockin' blues than you have to check out The Harpoonist and The Axe Murderer. A Vancouver outfit that is known for their raw and thrilling live shows. Praise for this group has gone as high as stating that they play blues like it needs to be heard. 

I have not even mentioned their cool retro styled posters. Just goes to show you what kind of amazing talent you can find if you keep your ears and eyes open.

Never mind the song Royals, if you need some beautifully smooth rock and roll you need to hear the band Royale. They have even coined a new phrase for their sweet combination of prog, modern indie, and big sound; they call it Yacht Metal.  

If this is Yacht Metal then give me the captain's cap, my glass of whiskey, and let me sail away into Royale's amazing sonic ocean!  This is one band you will not want to miss.

You can find these Chicago boys and their music on their web page, which I have linked above.  Go there and give them a listen.

Kaveat is a melodic metal band out of Los Angeles California.  They are a great addition to the present upsurge in female fronted Metal bands.  They mix the guttural hardcore metal screams with lovely haunting vocals.

If you check out their website you can listen to a couple tracks and download the single "Bloodline."  It is a really good track and gives you a good idea what the band is about.

It will be quite interesting what Kaveat delivers this year.        

As someone who holds an industrial slant to their love of metal I can't help but love the Long Island band Bile. They are loud, raw, and uncompromisingly heavy.  

After I heard about Bile from @kaveatofficial I was surprised I had not heard about this great Industrial Metal powerhouse.  Their song, "I Reject" even appeared on the Mortal Kombat soundtrack. 

On 8 January they began recording a new album, and they are looking at booking a tour; both are more than worth looking into.   

Well, that is it for now.  I will continue to search the dark alleyways of Twitter for more good music and great bands. So if you think you have heard something I haven't or you think your band is the next best thing contact me or leave a comment. Until then...

Thanks for reading and keep on Rocking.
Kevin Sweeney

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