Wednesday, 7 January 2015

What To Look Forward To In 2015

What To Look Forward To In 2015

Here are a list of the performers that I am looking forward to seeing and hearing more from in 2015.

 Return For Refund who had just released their first EP last year is set to play in Kingston this February. I really enjoyed the video of their Horseshoe Tavern gig and the EP so I am looking forward to the show at the Clark Hall Pub

If you are in the Toronto Area you can catch them live at the Bovine Sex Club and other establishments around the greater metro area. Their EP is available on iTunes for a great price. They are definitely worth watching in this year.

Another great act that will be returning to K-Town is Will Black. I really have nothing but great things to say about Will. He puts on a lively and fan centered entertaining show.

He has two releases available on his web site as well as iTunes. Personally I keep my autographed copy of his Dangerously Close CD tucked away and listen to my digital copy; I am listening to it right now as I type this.

I am really looking forward to see his audience increasing with him spending all of 2015 touring.

Greg Ball is an artist that I have been wanting to see live for a while now.  I know I have no good reason for not seeing him due to us both living and working in the same city. This year I have decided I will end this Greg Ball drought in my life.

His new album that he recorded at the famous Bathouse Studio, owned by the Tragically Hip, is due out soon. I am looking forward to buying it and hearing what he has cooked up. His last release was quite good and Greg has said this one has more BALLS.

Hopefully he is going to tour with this new album. Maybe he will join Paul Langlois and canvas the Canadian countryside again like they did for Paul's Not Guilty album.  

Alek Darson is definitely one artist to follow this year. If you enjoy prog or just amazing guitar work then you should make sure to check out the videos he posts on youtube.

Last year he combined his talents with those of prominent Emerson Grads to create an excellent music video of his piece "Sprockets." There is talk about a second album from this future guitar god, and I am very interested in hearing what he creates next.

You can catch him live if you are in the Boston area. I may just have to see if I can make up some reason to visit beantown and see him live myself this year; if for no other reason than to be able to say that I saw him before he became super famous.

For those of you who want Thrash, you have to follow the South American modern day Metal Heads KRAPTOR. Felipe, Angel, Edward, and Jessy are rocking the hell out of the whole southern hemisphere. All classically trained musicians these guys are all about their mantra "Metal is music and music is art."

Kraptor's fan base on twitter is immense and rabid. In order to keep the masses of hungry metal fans appeased they regularly keep in touch with fans. I am hoping for a new CD from these thrashers to add to their other two releases. In the meantime I will have to stay content with great KRAPTOR hits like "Keep It Thrashing Or Die!"  

OK, now that I have given you my list of the five music acts to watch this year, I'm asking you to tell me who you think I should follow this year. Leave the names of the artists in the comments and I will look into them, and may just highlight them in a blog in the future. I am always looking for new rock or metal acts to spread the news about, so if you think they are worth advertising then let me know.

Thanks for reading, and Rock On!
Kevin Sweeney

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