Saturday, 27 December 2014

The Best Of 2014

Well the year is coming to an end quite quickly, so I decided to throw my own best of 2014 list into the frey of digital crap we flood the internet with. As with all the other lists you will read out there this is solely the opinion of the writer. Though to speak on his behalf: I believe that he has a better grasp on the music that he has heard this year than anyone else. Well, here we go...

The Best Rock and Roll of 2014

The Best Rock and Roll Artist of 2014 is Will Black. Just on the power of his live set alone this singer deserves the title. What he can do with just a mic and an acoustic guitar is truly amazing.

Will Black is the whole rock package bound up in one generous and personable package. This past year he began touring across North America and the UK. Each stop on his tours he has been adding to his fans, Black Ops. 

At present he has two albums available: Dangerously Close; and Dancing With The Dead. Both albums are worth picking up and listening to. 

 The Best Rock and Roll Band and Album of 2014 is Saint Jezebel and their release True Believer. Our dear Saint Jezebel has a great hard rock sound that beautifully mixes some hardcore influences. The album is full of great rock tunes that can stand up with the best. 

The Best Punk Rock Band of 2014 is Rat Neck. These Dublin boys have been putting the rock back in Punk all throughout the past year. Bass heavy and right in your face Punk is what Rat Neck is all about.

I just wish I could get across the pond to see these guys live.  

The Best Rock and Roll Track of 2014 is Return For Refund - "The Fields." This band from Toronto has released an excellent first EP and the first track off of that release is the cream of the crop. 

"The Fields" has a great groove that does not let up and pushes this tune well ahead of its competitors. The guitar work is top notch and Drew's grunge worthy voice is inspired. It all pulls together to make what I would call the best rock track of 2014.

The Best Rock Video for 2014 as stated before on our blog is Five Finger Death Punch - "Wrong Side Of Heaven." It is a great video with a very important message. Hell, it is another Five Finger Death Punch grand slam hit!

The Best Metal of 2014

The Best Metal Band and Album of 2014 is Tempting Fate and their release Illusions. It is a great mix of hardcore and electronica that hits hard and keeps on punching. 

This LA band is proving that great metal can still be found scratching its way out of the city of angels. Not content to become a sound alike clone of another band, Tempting Fate's sound is their own. So, if you want to hear some metal for the new generation begin Tempting Fate.

The Best Metal Track of 2014 is Any Given Day's "The Beginning of The End." It is an excellent tune, both heavy and poignant. 

The first time I heard these guys was this year and it was their, far better than the original, cover of the song Diamonds. Ever since then I have been looking to hear whatever I can find from this manic metal monstrosity from Germany.

The Best Metal Video of 2014 is Hellyeah - "Moth." This video is shot really well and manages to completely grasp the dynamics of the excellent song that rings out throughout it.

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