Friday, 5 December 2014

Proof that Canada Still Rocks... Return For Refund

Proof that Canada Still Rocks... Return For Refund

The Toronto rock group Return For Refund just recently released a video for their track "The Feilds." The song alone is a really good rocking song with catchy riffs. You can hear the blues influence in frontman Drew Clementino's voice as he belts out the single. It is also the video for the first track on their self titled EP which can be found on iTunes.

Drew Clementino in class

The video is very well done and mirrors the driving rhythm of the song. The News/Media website Live in Limbo has picked it up and is featuring it.  Not bad for the first video for this local Toronto band. 

I have known Drew for a while. We met during basic training for the Canadian Forces. Ever since the first day I met him I could tell that he had something special about him. He was exceptionally smart and very well read. 

Drew at Mill St.

I can still remember seeing him sitting on the steps of our barracks in Kingston strumming away on his acoustic guitar. 

It is great to see that he is doing what he wants to do with his life. You see, the military is very structured and does not bend to the concerns of those within it very easily. Many times more than not it can strangle a creative soul. 

The pictures that I see of Drew now on his band Facebook page portray a much happier man than I knew before. You can easily see in Return For Refund's live sets that he is finally at home on stage expressing himself through music.

The Self-titled EP

If you ever get the chance to catch them playing in and around Toronto, or hopefully during a Canada wide tour do it. Their music is great and their spirit infectious. 

I have linked several videos below including the featured one for "The Fields" below. Check them out and if you want to hear more the Return For Refund self-titled EP is available on Itunes.

Oh, and you could go check out the website and Facebook sites also.

I am looking forward to hearing more from Return For Refund and trying to do what I can to get the word out that they are just one of the examples that Canada still rocks!

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