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What Do You Listen To Most?

What Do You Listen To Most?

The 5 albums I listened to the most during this past year

Recently I decided to make note of what full albums I listen to regularly. These had to be five CD's that I play in their entirety not just for one or two songs. I had to like all the tracks enough that I would not skip any, or felt the compulsion to listen to all the songs as soon as I played the first one.

Since I wanted a true selection I would dismiss any of my favorites that I listened  to occasionally; they had to be albums that I put on more than just once a month. This would eliminate several of my all time favorite bands such as King's X, KISS, Megadeth, Venom, and Motörhead. Even though I listen to songs by these bands daily I wanted to see what albums I regularly turn to in order to set the soundtrack for my daily life.

So, here it goes and in no particular order here they are:


This 2005/06 album is the third one for the Californian rock band Buckcherry.

This is one of those CD's I did not initially want to like. I had only heard "Lit It Up" and really liked it but for some reason was not interested in hearing anything else from this group. What changed my mind was a good friend of mine saying how much he liked Buckcherry.

 Much in the stylistic vision of the Metal/Hard rock pioneers Mötley Crüe this is a straight forward rock offering with catchy riffs from tracks such as "Crazy Bitch" and "Brooklyn" along with the occasional  ballad. We are talking distortion turned up full of piss and vinegar - and oh I love you too honey put in just for all those girls.

This is a 2008 release by the Canadian Rock Band Theory of a Deadman. It may be due to their popular power cord rock style, or since they were the first group to sign onto Chad Kroeger's 604 Records, their critics have accused them of being a Nickelback clone. Either way it doesn't mean much to me.

It is a guitar heavy arena style rock album that is full of angry anthems and ballads. Just like the previous album on this list Scars and Souvenirs gained a good deal of commercial success and radio play.

Scars & Souvenirs somehow managed to slip into my listening repertoire and never left. Like a comfortable pair of jeans or that old T-shirt you always find yourself putting on, this album has claimed its place on my turntable. 

This 1994 release by the American alternative rock band Live was very well received. It includes many of their hits such as: "Lightning Crashes"; "Selling The Drama", and "Iris."

I really like the sonic atmosphere of this album, because it moves easily from more experimental tracks to commercial hits. It has enough growl and kick to keep it relevant and make you want to play it loud.

My favorite songs on this album are the lesser known tracks such as "Stage" and "Shit Towne."

This 2006 album was the third album by the American alternative metal group Breaking Benjamin. Commercially it did very well: selling out quickly on its initial release.

My son was the one to introduce me to this group and they have become one of my favorites. As you can see due to being on this list one I listen to very regularly.

This is one of the first albums I reach for when I am in a bad mood. It seems to capture all the pent up frustration and rage that wells up from within, while still hinting at the sadness it leads to.

This 2011 album is a B-sides compilation from the Metal band Disturbed. Really, for such an exceptional release to be made of what many would view as throw away songs shows just how great a band Disturbed is.  

They have been dominating the metal stage ever since their first critically acclaimed album, and have never looked back. Unfortunately after the release of this CD the band has gone on hiatus. 

I find they have the knack for perfectly expressing the hopelessness and angst that is so pervasive in this life. Maybe that is why I instinctively placed this last on my list - leaving the best for last. 

Strangely enough none of these albums are on my normally stated favorites list, yet they are the five albums that I listened to most throughout the last year. Does that mean I should reexamine my favorite album list?

Thanks for reading
Kevin Sweeney 

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