Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Perfect Omniscient Prison

Alek Darson has gained a great deal of rave reviews due to his past ten years playing guitar. Everyone who has witnessed his unique sound and approach to shredding has mentioned how talented this young man is. He is catching the attention of musicians and music scholars alike: Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater and Professor Jon Finn at the world renown Berkeley College of Music in Boston have sung Alek Darson's praises. 

As part of the progressive metal group Organized Chaos from Belgrade Serbia Alek has progressed from an axe slinger to producer and musical arrangement. Don't get me wrong he still swings some mean six stringed weapons that he calls his "Girls."
These girls are Wood Guerilla guitars, made in Belgrade Serbia. 
With these babies he has produced some great prog tunes such as "Rind" which you can hear at his bandcamp site.

Organized Chaos

Fresh from studies at Berkley he has taken all of his experience and talent and focused them into a modern masterpiece of music he calls , his debut EP “Panopticon;" a six-track treat for all who are fond of prog rock/metal/fusion genre. 

You can get the album from his website,  
Also you can check him out on his YouTube Channel. Either way check him out and keep on Rocking out!

"This EP’s finds a musical expression for those emotions and is a voice to tell their story. I look at it as a Panopticon, a perfect omniscient prison where a single guard sees all. I had hoped to answer the biggest question of all: 'Am I the guard, or the prisoner?"

Alek Darson

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