Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Growing From Kingston's Rock Roots

Greg Ball is no newcomer to the world of bands and bars. In fact he released his sophomore album, Mr. Rightplace (Ching Music/Fontana North/Universal Music Canada) last June. You could say his sound is quintessentially Canadian; that back yard bonfire storytelling rock that many of us Canadians grew up with; you know, the songs that tends to outlive that simplistic pop crap we are constantly barraged with on many radio stations. In fact he managed to turn the head of non other than The Tragically Hip's guitarist Paul Langlois. 

Not only did he catch Paul's attention but Paul signed him to Ching Music in 2011 (Paul Langlois' own label.) 

Last year Greg toured with Paul and Pete Murray across Canada for The Not Guilty Tour, which ended in Kingston's own Grand Theater last December. It was a great success and had all the fans who attended asking when they would take the old bus out again.

With the expert direction of one of Canada's rock stars, Greg Ball is climbing the precipice of a career that has the potential of seating him along side of the very mentor that is aiding him. 
Ching Music                                                        Greg Ball online
So if you would like to see the future of sustainable Canadian Rock go and check out Greg Ball when he is in your town.  Oh, and make sure you check out his song "Carnivore."

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