Friday, 20 June 2014

Eden Burning up the National Charts

On the ReverbNation Rock Rankings Eden Burning has been a steady favorite and they are advancing. On the strength of their single "Drowning" fans are flocking to their twitter page. The music video for "Nothings Good Enough" has over three million views. Not bad for a band that states " .... all I ever wanted to do was just create and send it out to the world and wether we get slammed on a song for sucking , or we get praise for a song for rockin , either way we are doing it." (founder Phil Salazar)
That attitude is enough reason to like these guys! 

Born out of a love of the good old Mötley Crüe days of streetwise hard rock, Eden burning has gained praise from fans, radio stations, and record labels alike due to their infectious I don't give a damn sleazy rock and roll. Don't just take my work for it:

    "Phil and team have done it again ! Brilliant lyrics , Brilliant sound , Just Brilliant.Cant wait to see what other awesome opportunities come knocking from this ! Erin Benke - Hitch Radio

 "Texas sized sleaze n roll filled with a don't give a fuck attitude"

“The debut cd " BANGED UP N DIRTY" is 13 tracks raising the stakes. The offspring of LA Guns , Alice Cooper , and Kiss , the sound of electric guitars is pure sleaze rock n roll with top of the heap guitar licks and growling lyrics"
“EDEN BURNING is the perfect name for this band ! Their fiery style of hard rock burns fresh and new salvation to true rockers lost in a world of shoe gazers, jam bands, and nuMetal folly.

These hard workin' rockers have opened for well known Hard Rock groups such as: Airbourne, Tesla, Dokken, Bret Michaels,The Bulletboys, Lita ford, Faster Pussycat, La Guns, Saxon, and Quiet Riot. 

If you already are a fan of Eden Burning you will know that they really appreciate all their fans. Phil Salazar makes sure to answer tweets and keep fans up to date with Newsletters. So if you find yourself anywhere near San Antonio, Texas around the 25th of July go to Bonds 007 Rock Bar
Go, check em' out and afterward TWEET EVERYONE YOU KNOW ABOUT HOW DAMN GOOD THEY WERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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