Monday, 7 July 2014

You Should be Tempting Fate!

Tempting Fate is a Metal band that combines several different styles of Hard Rock into one great package.

In the vocal range these guys cover everything from Grind Core to Post Punk and wrap it up nice and heavy.

As for the music it is a sweet mix of the classic heavy beat and various levels of distortion. 
The heavy bass groove and cool guitar riffs give off a smokin' hot sound.

Tempting Fate Music

If this sounds at all interesting you have to check out their CD Illusions. I highly recommend it, it is some great metal!

These four guys from the depraved city of Hollywood LA has managed to gather a strong following in Los Angeles through their live performances. During the past three years they have been featured at showcases such as the Sunset Music Festival, spreading the Tempting Fate message.

Hopefully we will be finding them breaking out of LA and touring the rest of the world. In the meantime go to their bandcamp site and download Illusions FREE. These guys seem to understand that as long as they get their music out there the fans and money will follow, so spread the news. Get all your friends to download the album and get everyone Tempting Fate!

Below is a video for their single "Filthy"

Tempting Facebook                        Tempting Bandcamp                                        Tempting Twitter

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