Thursday, 10 July 2014

Get Dangerously Close!

There is a small island many call paradise that a very talented Canadian singer calls home. Hamilton, Bermuda is where Will Black hangs his hat, while he works toward sending out the good old Rock and Roll vibes across the net.

 It does not look like living in paradise has hampered this rocker; no rather it seems to have positively influenced his productivity. He has been a veritable fountain of Rock and Roll with his Weekly Dispatches, stream-able gigs, and new album.
 They say the proof is in the pudding, well in this case the proof is in the music. A self touted fan of Classic Rock artists such as Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and The Rolling Stones, he has compiled a very well crafted collection of songs on his newest effort.

Dangerously Close sounds and feels down to earth and close to the heart. It reminds me of many of my favorite old albums. From the smooth ballads such as "Holy Love" to the partying Rock anthems such as "Pretty Garden" this album is a bonfire of an album. Songs such as "Forever Was Never Enough" gives you the impression that Will has the possibility of high heights in the music industry. The tracks on this album are far better than most of the crap that is playing on the radio these days.

 He is taking a break from his island home and returning to North America later this year. Until then you can find him on his website, Facebook, or Youtube unless you are fortunate enough to visit Hamilton, Bermuda, and if that is the case go to Hogpenny Restaurant/Cafe. It is Will's favorite place to Rock Out, other than those gorgeous white sandy beaches.

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