Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Catching Up

It has been quite surprising to find out that there is a lot of very good musical talent out there that does not get the press coverage that they deserve, well that is what we are here for. So, here is a bit of catching up on many of our favorite groups.

The music industry has been a blessing to some and a curse to others; for some reason many excellently talented individuals and bands are completely overlooked. My first real experience noticing this phenomenon was with a little band from Texas, King's X.

They were one of the first bands to create the heavy grunge sound, but never received the fame that Soundgarden, Nirvana, or Alice in Chains gained. They are still one of the most underrated bands out there to date.

If you like well crafted songs by talented Rock musicians you should check this power trio's stuff out.

Metal Offerings

OK, this next one does not fit the unsung ideal but
what other band do you know whose fans head-bang themselves into a brain injury during a concert? Only the Metal Man-god Lemmy and crew can attest to such a deadly onslaught of pure metal intoxication.

On Friday 25 July Motörhead will be in Moscow, while look for them on the grandest stage of all Metaldom in August. On the first of August they will grace the stage of Wacken Open Air! So get your ass to Germany you headbangers and show those horns!

While you are on your way to the massive metalfest crank up Motörhead's  newest offering "aftershock."

If you are one of our South American fans and you can not get to the wonderland that is Germany, do not fret for our favorite Venezuelan Thrashing metalheads KRAPTOR are touring the hell out of South America. They will be in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, and Columbia in August alone. They will be bringing with them KUZAR to join in the mosh pit mania that is their energetic live show.

Hey KRAPTOR make sure to take some pics and vids to show us poor unfortunate few that will not be able to thrash along with you, though we can not be with you in the flesh we will be with you in spirit.

If that is not enough KRAPTOR for you then: Este sábado 16 de agosto estaremos en "El Teatro Bar" de Valencia en un evento que será 100% dedicado especialmente para maníacos del Thrash Metal!! Preparados para la INVASIÓN THRASH? Nos vemos en el mosh!! Keep thrashing!

For our non-Spanish literate the above means on August 16 KRAPTOR we will be at "The Theatre Bar" of Valencia in an event that will be 100% dedicated especially to Thrash Metal maniacs! Preparations for THRASH INVASION? See you in the mosh! Keep thrashing!

For those of us who live in the Great White North that need a new metal infusion to get them through the summer, let me introduce you to The Worshyp.

Just to show why you should check them out... This Canadian metal band gained the intrest of none other than Jimmy DeGraso, ex drummer for the Thrash originator Megadeth, to lay down the drum tracks on The Worshyp's "Evil Abounds" album. 

You can find their stuff on bandcamp. So if you are interested in joining in the adoration of the religion that is Heavy Metal check out The Worshyp.

Rock and Roll Offerings

The Kingstonian Rocker Greg Ball and his band have finished recording a new album with "more balls," at The Tragically Hip's Bathouse studio. Fans of Greg are eagerly awaiting the release of the new songs. If you are biting at the bit to hear what he has been up to check out Station 14's video Ball's In The Bathouse; it will give you a brief glimpse of Ball's balls all close up and personal. 

To see Ball and his balls live keep a ear to twitter. Greg Ball is no Nudist Priest but if you like your rock and roll with clothing on and emotionally raw rather than literally naked, check out Kingston Ontario's Greg Ball on line and when he is around town at the Pan Chancho or any of the other venues in Kingston.

Supervega has been busy as of late performing gigs all over France and most recently at the Hard Rock Cafe Hard Rock in Nice. If you can go catch them live, from the videos their shows look great.

Would you like Will Black to play your home town, click HERE! He is currently booking venues for his 2015 tour which will take him across Canada, UK, and the U.S.A. Check his stuff out, especially if you like your favorite music artist to actually take time out for their fans. I can not say enough about the lengths Will Black goes to in order to reach out to his followers. He is truly a fan based musician!

The Trio from the UK that began with the great song "I Can't Stand" has been releasing more stuff on YouTube; such as the tracks "Peacemaker," and "Watch Me Burn." These young rockers are ones to watch. 

Punk Rock Offering

These Dublin Punk Rockers are all that and a bag of chips, damn it! Hell, they even hit the radio and I don't mean literally with baseball bats, rather they are on the airwaves with Dan Hegarty's The Alternative on RTE 2XM and 2FM. They have even been embraced by the Irish Metal Nation at Metal Ireland, so stop listening to those sucky pop/hip hop fucks and listen to Rat Neck you Punk ass Lilly livered slacker.

Final Comments

There are many more other than these few artists that are mentioned here, so get the word out; tell the world that there are innovative and awesome groups out there in the garages, bars, and on line. Broaden your music horizons and experience the sounds around you. Break away from the top 40 that is constantly bombarded over the airwaves and fund the local talent that is rocking in your back yard. Oh and support the bands you like! For all you closet rock stars keep Thrashing, keep Rockin', and don't give a shit what the nay sayers say.  

                                                                                              Kevin Sweeney - Yeneews Records


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