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Better Than Metallica?

Better Than Metallica?

St. Anger 2015

A couple of Metallica fans have re-recorded the infamous album St. Anger.  St. Anger was not a favorite of many of the hardcore fans of the American Thrash band. There were complaints about it sounding garage band-ish and that it was too long.  Not to mention that the album had no signature Kirk Hammett guitar solos.

This new imagining of the album was recorded with better production by Daryl Gardner and Chris Dando of the band Grace the Skies and Dave Cox of Adust.  They have been getting a lot of praise, some going as far as to say that they made the album better than the original.  

If you would like to check it out follow the attached link or check it out on youtube

Grace The Skies

In listening to St. Anger 2015 it peeked my intrest into finding out what bands were these guys from so, here is the first: Grace the Skies

These metalheads hail from Birmingham UK. Jazz, post-hardcore, and pop are listed as their influences.  I have always enjoyed groups that mix more technical styles of music like Jazz into their mix.  Grace the Skies manage to do this flawlessly while still delivering that Metal crunch that we fans demand.

If you like bands like the phenomenal Breaking Benjamin then you will absolutely love Grace the Skies.  Check them out on Facebook or you can listen to them on their website.


Just in case Grace the Skies is not heavy enough for you, there is Adust.  Also out of Birmingham, these boys are all out machine gun riffs and full the fuck forward.  

Their first mini album Through Anothers Eyes has garnered them a lot of praise and has spread their fan base across the UK.  You can hear it on their Facebook page.  In my humble opinion they sound pretty damn good! 

I have attached a video from their second release titled Question the Illogical below, so if this small review has got you intrigued give it a look. 

In summation I am quite pleased that I checked out Metal Insider's newsletter because it has led me to not only a great new album to listen to, but also two new bands to follow.  Metal Insider thanks for the great article and to all you who have taken the time to read this...

Thanks for reading and Rock On.
Kevin Sweeney

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