Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Some Great News

Some Great News And Great Tunes

Picture from Gigantour 2012, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

The Thrash Originators Megadeth have gone through a lot as of late.  With the loss of two members: drummer, Shawn Drover; and guitarist, Chris Broderick.  Not to mention the personal loss that founding member Dave Mustaine has had to deal with.

Out of those traumas it looks like something great is developing, at least according to Mustaine.  Just last month he tweeted, "I wish @Megadeth fans could know what is going on right now…you would be very happy!" 

Hopefully it means that we are going to get a new album.

If your taste in metal is anything like mine you have been lamenting the hiatus of Disturbed, and keep a watchful eye for news of their return. On Dec 30th David Draiman tweeted that they will reunite but unfortunately gave no date.

In the meantime Draiman has an album out with the band Device, and Disturbed guitarist Dan Donegan has a new project out called Fight or Flight. If you are interested in hearing what either sound like you can check out their sites.  Both have videos and tracks that may sedate you enough until they join each other on stage with the Disturbed banner flying high again.

Thanks to Loudwire for the info!

Device - "Vilify"

Fight or Flight - "First Of The Last"

Being a child of the seventies I have always had an affinity for Psychedelic Rock, everything from Pink Floyd to Iron Butterfly.  Hence when I found out about The Budos Band I was ecstatic to find a modern group that reveled in the pure essence of that genre.

This New York band is releasing beautiful magical mixes that transport the listener into a supernatural and heady world that needs to be felt as well as heard.  From the haunting organ to the majestic horns their sound envelops you in a fuzz filled bass laden ecstasy that can only be summoned by good Psychedelic Rock or good drugs (or the combination of the two.)

The Budos Band is a trip that is definitely worth taking.

Diffuser FM thanks for highlighting such a great band!  

Budos Band - "Burnt Offering"

Thanks for reading and Rock On!
Kevin Sweeney

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