Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Kingston Rocks!

Kingston Rocks!

Kingston is not a huge city like Toronto or New York, but it has a reputation for producing iconic music artists. Internationally acclaimed acts such as The Tragically Hip, and Bryan Adams originated here in the Limestone City.

That reputation is fortunately being continued through the tutelage of greats such as Paul Langlois, as well as a crop of newer bands playing the cities local venues.

The Glorious Sons have been getting some excellent press due to their newest album, The Union. It has even been nominated for a Juno for the best Rock album of the year for 2015. 

Just off of the strength of their singles "Heavy," "White Noise," and "Mama" you can hear how they were chosen for the honor of being nominated. Their good old Rock and Roll sound is becoming more and more popular.

CBC says of them "They are the everyman band, with a passion for portraying the lost romance of liquor, women and rock and roll." 

So if you want to hear some great Rock and Roll with a blue collar working class feel than pick up The Glorious Sons The Union.  


In 2006 Paul Saulnier and Benjamin Nelson decided to take their love of Indie Rock and go on the road as PS I Love You. At that point Kingston gained a great edition to it's Rock and Roll legacy. Still keeping the dream alive these rockers are touring with the reunited Death From Above 1979.

Their third album For Those Who Stay was recorded at the famous Bathouse Studio, The Tragically Hip's very own studio.  This marks the band's first time in a "proper studio."

If you are in Kingston on the 4th of Feb than go on down to the Ale House and check out how good live "Heavy Pop" can be.


The Kingston singer/songwriter Greg Ball has  given us a some small breadcrumbs from his anticipated new release Alter Ego in two videos. The tracks "Hatchet" and "Not Cool" from the videos sound great. Paul Langlois must be proud of his protege because Greg seems to be getting better and better with each release.

I am sure that I am not the only one who is anxious to get their hands on Greg's new CD. 

If you find yourself in Kingston on this Thursday night (29 Jan) - Um that's tomorrow I think. Find your way down to Dianne's downtown on Ontario Street at 10 pm, so you can enjoy some good music by Greg Ball. 


Can I really not mention The Tragically Hip when writing about great Rock and Roll originating out of Kingston, especially since they are touring right now for their remastered release of the Canadian classic Fully Completely?

 They are unrivaled when it comes to live shows. A true fan favorite, this Kingston Ontario band never fails to put on an exciting and many times surprising hit filled show. 

Together these musicians have created some of the best authentically Canadian Rock tunes ever played.

Apart these men have proven to have a real drive for guiding beginning Canadian musicians. I have had the pleasure of meeting with Gord Sinclair, bassist for The Hip, due to his willingness to aid Canadian Forces members that dabble in music.  

Paul Langlois is a regular face on stage for local community benefits and has become a big proponent for Greg Ball.

I think I will end this with a video for an amazing live song from The Hip, "New Orleans Is Sinking Killer Whale Tank."

Thank You for reading and all you people from Kingston Ontario Canada keep the Rock and Roll coming!
Kevin Sweeney

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