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Keeping That Old Time Blues Alive

Keeping That Old Time Blues Alive

It is always important to remember and give credit to the styles of music that have paved the way for these modern styles of Rock and Roll we enjoy today. That is why great Metal groups such as Megadeth, Motörhead, and Metallica have covered songs that have influenced them in their music careers. It is also why I love to hear bands that play straight forward blues and other southern styles of music. 

This all brings me to Sheesham and Lotus, because they are not only doing what they can to keep an older style of music alive but they are also breathing new life into it. Their repository of songs dips back into the 1920's. In fact several of the old blues and hillbilly tunes are extremely hard to find written music for, still somehow they not only find them but play them with all the honesty and feeling that they were penned to deliver.

Groups like this are gems that unfortunately get buried many times in the crap and dirt that we call the music industry. All it takes is for you to hear these guys once and you can attest to the fact that they shine bright. 

My twelve year old daughter was the one who told me of this great band. Her class was fortunate enough to recieve a visit from Teilhard Frost. Teilhard and Sam Allison, Sheesham and Lotus, have a long tradition of inspiring and helping youth develop a love of music. They have even been given the Jack Hayes award for keeping traditional music and dance alive.

After Teilhard played for and instructed her class my daughter and him struck up a conversation. From that meeting my daughter informed me that there was a band from Wolfe Island that I had to check out, and passed me Teilhard's business card. It turned out to be a small piece of card stock that said "Old Time Rag Time Mountain High Steppin Music. 

 From the moment I found myself on their site I knew I was going to like this group. Sure enough, the more I read about and listened to Sheesham and Lotus the more I fell in love with their quirky and down home style. 

From the reviews of their albums and shows I am not the only one who finds their old time rag time mountain high steppin music infectious. Hopefully you will too. 

Thanks for reading, and keep that Good Old Time Blues A Rollin'.
Kevin Sweeney

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