Monday, 22 December 2014

The Best Music Video of 2014!

The Best Music Video Of 2014!


Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven

No other video produced in 2014 can match "Wrong Side Of Heaven" by Five Finger Death Punch. It not only addresses an immense problem in our society today in North America, but it cuts right to the bone. Take it from a Veteran of the Afghanistan war, they hit the nail right on the head. 

We are no heroes and we keep finding ourselves on the wrong side of Heaven and on the righteous side of Hell!

Even if you do not read any more of this blog please watch this video! There are too many of us dealing with the secrets that can never be told. There are too many of us feeling like we are in a living hell!

Veterans have followed through on the oath they swore to fight.
Should not our governments follow through on their oath to take care of them?

Call, twitter, or mail your government officials to tell them they need to follow through on their promises to our veterans. Share this video to everyone  you know, so word gets around. This is not a interesting news paper article or simple flash in the pan music video, it is important! I do not want to lose another brother in arms to suicide. We can accept the loss of our lives in war because we know it is part of the job, but we can not accept the loss of our own at home where we should be safe. 

For my fallen brothers from 171st Banshee and Charlie I'll see you all in Fiddler's Green.

Thank you for reading.
                                                                                  MCpl Kevin Sweeney

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