Sunday, 7 December 2014

A Video From The New King Of Prog!

A Video From The New King Of Prog!

There is no disputing it Alek Darson is well on his way to conquer the title of New King Of Prog. Anyone who has heard his amazing CD Panopticon is in awe of the skill he brings to the table. This man could easily step in and bring more depth and emotion with one solo than any track that is being produced today. We are witnessing the origins of a guitar god who could easily play side by side with the greats gone by, or the axe deities that roam our meager world at present.

Alek is no noob to the video obsessed culture that we endure today. He regularly releases both clips from live performances and he constant reworkings of his own soon to be classics. What makes this video different is that it is an artistic amalgamation of his amazing guitar work and the talents of prominent Emerson Grad students. So wait no longer and be amazed by the future sonic King of Prog...

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