Monday, 22 September 2014

Update on our most Popular Blogged Artists

I have reviewed our most read blogs to see who seems to be the most popular blogged artists that I have had the pleasure to write about and below are the artists that have gathered the most readers so far... This is in no particular order and no musicians were harmed in this assessment.

Partially due to the high numbers of readers and also due to being a home town Kingston up and coming Rock Star I figured I would begin with...

Greg Ball has been busy with live shows, The Campfire Liars Club, and his upcoming third studio release. He has said that this new album, Alter Ego, has more... how did he say it again? Yes, balls, that is what he said. Expect this new CD to have more balls. 
The Bathouse Recording Studio

We are crossing our fingers that we can get the new offering in our greasy little hands by Christmas. Hopefully it will be an even bigger hit for Ching Music than his last album "Mr. Rightplace." 

If you can not wait to have a taste of the new stuff, you can hear a new song of his titled "Pavement" on Soundcloud or on his Facebook page. If audio is not enough for you he has also temped us with a video teaser on YouTube that gives a humorous look at him and the band at the Bathouse Studio.

For those of you who are in the Kingston area Greg will be performing live in Kingston this Wednesday 24th of Sept at the Mansion and the tickets are just $10. A not bad price for a chance at seeing and hearing a damn good singer.

Next up in our little love fest here is the Finnish Guitar Virtuoso Elmo Karjalainen...

Even if you do not take into consideration his great personality and excellent choice in guitars - he will actually email you back, not kidding - it is impossible to overlook the accolades and praise he gets for his skill with the six string axe. All you have to do is take a listen to "Raging on a Sunday Afternoon" to be hear what I am talking about.

Raging on a Sunday Afternoon

Part of what I really like about this Finnish guitarist is that he is willing to let his fans know all the ins and outs of his process; from detailing what gear he uses, to his origins for songs. It also does not hurt that he regularly produces videos on YouTube covering what he is working on. 

As of late he has began mastering his newest album which he has stated "promises to be a cracker." It is going to be an eight track CD, but it may take a little extra time to produce due to an arrival of a new member to the Karjalainen family expected soon. In the meantime he is offering two free songs to anyone who wants them on his website.

2 Free Songs                     YouTube                   Elmo's Guitar Blog                     Facebook

We now move from one guitar master to another...

There is one hell of a great video of a bit of his Guitar Mania concert at the new Berklee Caf that I have linked below, click on it and let Alek's magic fingers boogie your blues away.

His album "Panopiticon" has been gaining great reviews. If you enjoy an effortless delivery of quality prog/metal I highly advise you to check out his CD. While you are at that you can also check out his YouTube videos that give you a glimpse into his process of making music.

Aside from checking out his skill on the guitar you have to go to his website to see his gorgeous custom made guitars he calls his girls. They are immaculate works of art that look every bit as beautiful as they sound.  

If you are in the Dunellen, NJ area on Oct 11 you can see Alek in all his glory live during the NJ Proghouse Concert, at Roxy and Dukes.

Facebook                                                               Roxy and Dukes     

Well that leaves me with just one group left... Well, it is a little misleading to say group, because it is not just one group but rather the music of a city. Yes, I said city. The city of...

Detroit is damn determined to hold on to its Rock and Roll legacy. Artists such as Fifth Way, and Ty Stone are proving that music is not dead in the motor city. 

In fact it seems as if the entire arts community in Detroit is enjoying a Renaissance. Everything from the graffiti artists to the Detroit School of Arts has been enjoying a renewed enthusiasm that may lead the metropolis into being the next artistic mecca for the US.

Fifth Way has been winning over new fans with their hard rock sound and hard working attitude. You can see by the comments and pictures on their twitter page that they take to heart the blue collar roots of their home. In their music you can hear the rage and anger inherent in a community sick and tired of being beaten down in order to make others rich.

Where Fifth Way is embodying the angst and anger of the Rock City, Ty Stone is taking more of a John Cougar Mellencamp stance by engaging in local Detroit charities and producing a more classic rock sound. Both of them have been active in the fight to keep the city of Detroit relevant in the incredibly difficult times that the community is facing. Their efforts truly remind us that Rock and Roll was and is the music of the people.

So, these have been the stories and people who have garnered the most attention so far within this small blog. Here is to their further success, Cheers one and all.

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