Thursday, 5 March 2015

Some Killer Stoner Rock

I have to say that I love the reemergence of the 1970's style Rock and Roll.  Gorilla Pulp is an Italian four member heavy stoner Rock band that is an excellent addition to that style.

When they say heavy they mean it.  These guys have a kick ass Motörhead feel to them; we are talking amps cranked to 11 and no holds barred.  

I love the rough and dirty feel to their EP that was just released last December. Titled Hell In A Can, It incorporates both speed and slowness in a fuzz filled intoxicating cloud.

So light the fire in the back forty, fill the cooler with beer, and light up the smokes while you crank the hell out of Gorilla Pulp.

Next up is another Rocking group known as Moses Nose.  They hail from Monterey CA, which I found strange since they have a song called "Kings of Nova Scotia" which is up here in Canada.  Still I can't find anything bad to say about these Rockers.

Their Album The Burning Bush is excellent. As they say "Prepare to Rock or be Rocked upon" when you listen to it.  It is full of great riffs and a straight forward Rock and Roll feel. 

I encourage you to go to their soundcloud page and check them out.

Next up are Nuns Of The Tundra.  These habit forming UK musicians have a smooth polished sound that echos of earlier stoner Rock. They exhibit just enough distortion and fuzz to allow you to slide comfortably right into the pocket.  

Their upbeat catchy sound will get you wanting to groove right along with them.  As it says on their soundcloud page "the Nuns will make it their holy mission to get you moving."  

As I mentioned before I love the resurgence of 70's stoner Rock and Roll, and these nuns make some killer stoner Rock.

Thank you for reading and I hope you keep trying to find new and cool tunes to Rock out to.

Kevin Sweeney

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