Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Great Rock & Roll for 2015

Remanon, a Prog Rock group out of San Antonio is a band that caught my attention when I began doing this blog. When I heard their song Justice-paige I knew that they were an exceptionally talented group. They have managed to further prove my initial judgement of them by  releasing an excellent album titled Episodes.

Episodes is a wonderfully textured dream that envelopes you and pulls you deeper the longer you listen. Full of sonic twists and turns the EP shows off Remanon's musicianship mastery. It is a product that is worthy of a band with a much longer pedigree than Remanon's few short years.

If you like your rock intelligent and diverse yet still able to deliver it in a palatable manor you must pick up this gem of an album.

Before I give my opinion on Sweet & Lynch Only To Rise I should confess that I am biased. I have been a fan of Micheal Sweet's majestic voice since his meteoric rise to fame with the yellow and black garbed metal band Stryper.

So, here it goes...what do you get when you take one of the best Metal singers of all time, Micheal Sweet (Stryper), join him up with an amazing guitarist George Lynch ( Dokken + Lynch Mob), then add James Lomenzo (White Lion + Megadeth), and Brian Tichy (Whitesnake)? You get one hell of a Rock and Roll group.

This band is a dream come true for all of you 80's Metal fans. The album is a polished hook-filled delight.

Our Future Leaders is an Orlando based rock band whose album We Don't Always Have To Be Machines has been gaining praise for its intricate guitars, heart-pounding rhythms, and emotionally-charged vocals.

I really like the guitar work on this album. There is a good balance between soaring solos and crunch laden rhythms. It is an excellent album to rock out to.

It is finally out! Washington D.C. rock band Thirteen has released their compilation of rock tunes that they have been working on and sharing with their fans.

It has been a project that has been guided by the desire for the band to involve their fans in the production of the final product. By letting the public hear the songs and give their two cents they have ensured that this album is a fan favorite. Now all the Thirteen addicts can get the rock and roll fix that they have been given glances into.

With the guidance of producer Rocco Guarino (STP, Velvet Revolver, Slash) the Thirteen have delivered what they have promised - one hell of a rock album.

Thank you for reading and keep  Rockin'!
Kevin Sweeney

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