Saturday, 21 November 2015

More Great Metal

It's been too long since I have done a blog about Metal, so here are some of the Metal groups that have been catching my attention lately.


The 36 Crazyfists 2015 album Time and Trauma Is definitely worth picking up, in fact it has gained a place on my list of best Metal albums of 2015.

Beautifully heavy and dark Time and Trauma is a scorching blast of Punk inspired Metal that is more than worth a listen. It is always a great find when you find a good heavy band that is worth listening to, and 36 Crazyfists fits those criteria perfectly.

Earlier this year these Alaskan Metalheads have been banging heads in South Africa at Krank'd Up.

The Hard Rock/Metal outfit known as Thirteen put out one damn good rocking album in March of this year. It is a collection of kick ass songs that they have produced, and several of them they released different versions of the same song but with different feels and singers.

I know I wrote about this album before but the reason I mention it again is the newest offering Thirteen has released.

Save Rock and Roll contains two tracks last month: Insanity, a barn burner of a single with plenty of punch; and El Diablo, a gun slinging and hard drinking track. Both are excellent offerings from this great up and coming band.

Thirteen continues to release high quality and catchy Rocking tunes, and fans have not had to wait for long to hear their next piece. I think they have a great sound and look forward to listening to anything that they produce.  Http://


The Sun Never Set is a 6 piece kick ass band from the good old U.K. These Brits advertise their sound as "savagery with a post-metal spirit." What I have to say about that is first Metal still lives and I love the savagery.

Their EP is a sweet mix of; screams, machine gun drums, walls of distortion, and melodic lead riffs. It is well worth a listen and can be found on bandcamp.

This band is a fiery foursome out of London, England that is all shiny and brand new. Just formed in February of this year, and their first album is due out Feb 2016.  If the rest of the album sounds as good as their song Shut It Down the release will be one hell of a Rocker.

If good old fashioned Metal is your music of choice than you should check out Killit, and Rock out like the devil's music has finally buried pop music under it's heel. 


If you need your Metal to be heavier than Hell and twice as poignant than Fitcage is for you. Formed in 2007 this Death Metal entity exploded on the underground scene with a vengeance, with the release of their album Pigumanity.  

Not content to just scream about the impending death of mankind, these doomsayers use every hellish squeal to expose the corporate and societal culling of us all. While you still have the freedom to listen to Fitcage, for if the governments have their way we all be having out fits in a cage.


The Classic 1980's Thrash Metal pioneers Exciter have returned with a vengeance, and they are here to show those young posers just how to mosh. That is right John Ricci, Dan Beehler, and Alan Johnson, the original members of Exciter, are back together.

John Ricci promised new material to erupt from the reunification of these Thrash titans. Until then get out there and get your hands on the classic Exciter albums.

Oh, and as John Ricci said in the band messages for February 8 2015, "Hope to see you soon with Horns high and fists in the air!

This Metalcore band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada is damn heavy. From The Wolves, is a crushing force of unrestrained Metal, that is perfect to bang your head or mosh to.

I love promoting kick ass Metal bands out of Canada more than anything, and these five guys prove that it is worth it. If you want to hear what I mean check out their bandcamp site and feast upon the Metal that is From The Wolves.

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What can I say? Canada Kicks Ass!

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