Saturday, 30 August 2014

It's Been A While, So....

It has been at least a month since I have posted anything, so let's see who has been up to what...

Phil Salazar the lead singer for our Sleaze Rocker friends Eden Burning has been writing a book on dealing with the music business from the perspective of a working band. It reviews the success and tribulations Eden Burning has had in the down and dirty world of playing for a living: how they got from playing hometown bars; to rocking out stadiums; and becoming a success at large music festivals.

The book should be out in November, and should be an amazing source of experience for any band that wants to break out of their local area.

Rest assured this does not mean Eden Burning is done Rocking the World! It just means they want you and your band to join them as they do it.

Hopefully this new release will inspire Phil and the boys on to more and more music releases. Keep an eye open for the book "Rock n Roll Stories from an unsigned band..." and get Rock n Roll educated people!

If you want some Lego with your Metal - Yes I said Lego! You have to see this video!

Chris Wrenn belts out a great hardcore anthem to those little toy building blocks we played with as a kid (and in some cases still do.) It is a perfectly executed video with rabid fans and even a mosh pit. If bands are running short on ideas for videos to get the public's attention, they may want to check this video out and take some notes. What could be more internet infectious than Lego and Metal? Ok there is kittens and Metal, still this was a great idea!
Oh and Thank's Metal Insider for putting this out so that it caught my attention. So after you are done watching the video go and subscribe to Metal Insider - Especially if you would like to see Iron Maiden in Lego!

Guitar Blog of Elmo Karjalainen

The Finnish Guitar virtuoso Elmo Karjalainen has begun a blog about his escapades that has lead to the recording of his very successful solo cd "Unintelligent Designs." In it he gives nods to the excellent musicians that he has worked with over the years and the inspiration that lead him to write such metal offerings such as "The Feigning of Altruism."
If you are just learning to play the six string axe or are a seasoned professional it would not be a waste of your time to check out Elmo Karjalainen's videos or blog.

Live Music!

Would you like to see one of Canada's best and most entertaining Rock and Roll icon of all time? Are you more interested if I told you that tickets to see him are only ten bucks? Yes for $10 you can see Kim Mitchell live in Kingston!

Will Black has finally cemented his dates for the Will Black Live Canadian Tour 2014 so here they are... I'll be going to the Kingston one! how about you?

Other than the notice of the upcoming concerts Will is still working hard at his weekly dispatches and live video performances. He still has to be one of the most fan friendly artists I know.


Those crazy Venezuelans, Thrash Kings - KRAPTOR, are spreading the Thrash  epidemic all through South America. Before they mosh the whole continent into the ocean if you are down south go see them and get your Thrash on!
Still no news on any North American or European dates but we have our fingers crossed.

If you want to see the pics of how much fun they are having on their excursions go to their site and you too can vicariously live the Thrash Star lifestyle.

Well that is it for now. Keep on Rockin' all you bands that make this deplorable world worth living in.

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