Monday, 18 August 2014

Out of Desperation and Ashes - Detroit Still Rocks!

Detroit has garnered the anointed name of Rock City, most notably from the hit song by KISS. As of late the city has gained the notoriety of being bankrupt. 

The pictures of the dilapidated buildings that used to house the blue collar factories and motor-works that made Detroit one of the best working class cities in the world makes one wonder is there anything left of worth in the Motor City. Still, Detroit has never been known as a soft town and it's citizens have survived incredibly bad times in the past, but what about now? Is the City of Detroit still the Rock City it used to be or has the calamity that has befell its finances hurt the Rock and Roll pedigree that it had?

There have been rumors that the city is remaking itself into an artistic mecca for the States. Graffiti artists have been reclaiming the pale walls of despair and spreading a colorful message of hope and revitalization. 

This all leaves one to wonder... What is the state of Rock and Roll in Detroit today? There have been great Rock Icons that have called Detroit home and for good reason, but are there still some up and coming Rockers ready to carry the torch or has the talent dried up for Detroit? Well, let's take a look and see...

If you are looking for some evidence that Detroit Motor City still Rocks, then you need go no further than 5th Way. With growling guitars and lions roar vocals these Detroit sons have got the sound to play along side the new greats such as Five Finger Death Punch. With songs like "Stomping Ground" these guys prove they can Rock with the best of them!

They even have an inventive meaning to the name of their band: 

FIFTH - The interval or three tones and a semitone, embracing five diatonic degrees of the scale; the DOMINANT of any key. 

WAY - Regular course; habitual method of life of action; plan of conduct; mode of dealing. 

FIFTH WAY - The Fifth Way of conduct; a way of life expressed through music. THE DOMINANT FORM OF ROCK!!!

These guys are definitely worth checking out. 

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If you are looking for some straight forward good old storytelling Rock and Roll then you have to listen to Ty Stone. This guy has a huge following and the chops to pull off a great show, just check out his video for "Anywhere but Here."

Kidd Rock is even advertised Ty's  CD, "American Style," on his website. Ty has become a real voice for a recovering Detroit; joining other artists to collaborate on projects promoting the resilience of  the cities citizens, and raising funds for its charity projects.

He seems very dedicated to spreading the word both musically and in other ways that Detroit may be down but you can never cut the Motor City out.

Now I realize that these are only two examples, but if the rest of the artists in Detroit are even half as determined as these two then we can safely say that Rock City is not going to give up its title easily.

Hell, I have not even mentioned how well the bad boy Kid Rock is still Rockin' the world, and the Motor City Madman Ted Nugent is also still going strong. As long as there are musicians willing to fight to keep the city Rocking Detroit Will Still Rock!

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