Sunday, 5 October 2014

Punk Rock is Alive Across the Pond!

Hey all you punks out there, have you heard of RAT NECK? No, then what the hell have you been listening to?

I realize that everyone thought that Punk died after Green Day started to become known for ballads, but there are some honest to goodness Punk bands still rocking. Rat Neck is a no holds barred let those guitars rumble old style Punk group.

Hailing out of Dublin Ireland they have the perfect ancestral pedigree for carrying the Punk torch. Hell, they have a better ancestry for it  than those stuffy Brits! These guys know it and don't hold back any punches. Raw, and loudmouthed just like good Punk music should be!

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Not wanting to be undone the Swede's are hammering out some damn good Punk tracks as well as our Irish Brothers.

Bronco is a trio of Punks from Gothenburg Sweden, that like to play amps cranked to 11. These west coast boys are doing their best to make sure that the spirit of the 70's Punk never dies.

So if you are sick of listening to the bland present day pop and longing for the old days of raw Punk rock, check out these two bands. Hey, and if you are a promoter for Punk music here in Canada get in touch with them and get them to play over here! What do you say, KPP Concerts?

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Kingston Punk Productions is the company that brings Punk and alternative groups here to Kingston, Ontario, Canada. We are talking acts like Henry Rollins, Alexisonfie, and Propaghandi.

They have the connections to link any band to the best venues here in the city and make their stay worth while. Along with access to local venues KPP has the Fun House Concerts annual series/festival supporting underground genres of music and is supported by the Kingston Arts Council.

For any more information on this group see the following:

KPP Online              Twitter             Facebook

Thanks again for reading and keep buying Punk music and tickets to Punk Rock Bands!                  Kevin Sweeney

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