Sunday, 19 October 2014

Ty Tabor - Legendary King's X Guitarist

Ty Tabor is one third of one of my favorite rock bands of all time, King's X. I had the pleasure of seeing them live several years ago in Winnipeg Manitoba. They were great live.

Recently Premier Guitar released an article on the guitarist which touched on his history. Electric Etudes - Ty Tabor; it is a really good article and worth reading especially if you are a guitarist.

Jamie Humphries, author of the article, provides an excellent lesson in playing in the legendary guitarists style. It was great to find another fan of the group that helped define the grunge sound. Check out Dick Sullivan's article King's X: Important Enough to be Legends, Fringe Enough to be Forgotten to see just how much these three guys influenced rock and roll during the 1990's.

Ty Tabor is still going strong with a new solo CD, Nobody Wins When Nobody Plays. He is an amazing guitarist with a great singing voice; just listen to any of his music if you think I am just bull shitting you. I highly encourage anyone reading this to go out and find anything by Tabor and King's X to improve their musical and listening education.

Just last month Jerry Gaskill the drummer for King's X underwent a double bypass. Fortunately it was successful and Ty Tabor has tweeted that he is well on the recovery path. It is great to see that their fans have been very generous with their support for Gaskill over this time of trouble. If you would like to help out go to Giveforward to find out how.    

Again, thank you for reading and get out there and listen to some good music!

Kevin Sweeney

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