Wednesday, 5 November 2014

More Great Acts!


Mark "Pawnman" Bradac, known from the Pawnathon TV series, is releasing a CD. If you have watched the show you would know he has a love for guitars and rock and roll music. What might surprise many people who only know him from the show is that he is a good singer and even better guitarist. If you have any doubt about these claims just watch the music video for his single "Good Times" below. 

His sound is an excellent complement to the whole idea of remembering good times. There is a wonderful sense of memorabilia in the cords and his smooth singing voice, not to mention his outgoing and friendly demeanor.
His musical story actually began in Windsor, Ontario. Bradac, a long haired guitarist joined up with three other lads and created the Hair Metal band Teaze

In 1978 after their second album the group toured Japan and found immense success with the Japanese youth. They found themselves selling out stadiums and being mobbed at airports. The tour resulted in the release of a live album titled "Japan Tour." Unfortunately the quartet did not achieve the sales and overwhelming numbers of fans that they found overseas. Despite the talent and hard work of the band their later releases never gained the amount of radio play needed for cracking the North American market. The story brings to mind another great band that seemed destined for more than they were ultimately given; ever heard of the Canadian Metal pioneers Anvil? 
As much as I love to bitch about the unfairness in the music industry in Canada and the States that has left incredible bands out to dry due to poor coverage, I must refrain. Still, if you are a fan of the old Hair Metal age look up Teaze. You can find some of their music videos on YouTube.                                                                                                                                                                               So this all brings us around to the one time young rocker who is now known as Mark "Pawnman" Bradac. His album is due to be released this coming December. Maybe this time us fans can make enough noise and requests to the radio stations that his rightful due will not be lost at the airport with the luggage. In the meantime check out both the Teaze and Pawnman videos linked below.                                                                                     


Are you a true believer? Well, Saint Jezebel gives you some damn good reasons to become one. They hail from Music City Nashville, and are proving that there is more than country resonating from Tennessee. With a combination of good songwriting and a hard rocking band our dear Saint is living proof that Rock is not Dead! With several tracks heavier than many of the metal bands out there, these guys definitely kick ass. They even have their logo on #66 Whitney Clifton “Black Betty” NASCAR race car. 

These guys would be great touring with Ozzy, or Zakk Wylde. If you are looking to pick up some good Hard Rock than you can not go wrong with getting Saint Jezebel's True Believer; hell it might just make you a believer too.



If you like good old Heavy Metal you got to hear Huntress, they are a great metal band from out of Highland Park California. Huntress combines smoking hot guitar riffs with  amazingly strong female lead vocals. Their music is both heavy and melodic, combining influences of Classic Heavy Metal, Thrash, and Black Metal. 

Since their debut in 2012 they have been hell bent on delivering a compendium worthwhile of the annals of The Book Of Heavy Metal. As Jill Janus, lead vocals, states their present journey and process of creating albums is a “spiritual journey for myself and band mates, representing the three phases of the Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone.” 

As part of the "War Eternal American Tour" they have been rocking the hell out of Canada recently, with their most recent show in Winnipeg Manitoba. With tour dates across much of North America they are joined by such metal goliaths as Arch Enemy and Kreator in spreading their message of metal. If anything can be said of reactions from fans, Huntress is well on their way to not only establishing their place in Metal history but also rising like a rocket to those honored heights.

So Check em out, Eh.


That is it for now. Thank you for reading and keep on rocking.
Kevin Sweeney

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