Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Our Favorite Axemen and Woman

Alek Darson is one hell of a guitarist! He has been busy uploading live videos of his work on twitter, along with advertising his excellent cd Panopicon. If you like progressive metal you should check Alek's album out.                                                                                                                             I have to say that from the videos I have seen of this guy he is no one trick pony; meaning he can play any damn style you want to hear. Not too long ago I watched a YouTube release of him playing blues and it was sweet. Most recently he posted on twitter a video of him playing Steve Vai's Building The Church, and it is nothing less than majestic.                                                                                                                                                                   On his facebook Alek mentioned he is working on his next release, which will have some "truly amazing guests" on it. I am very much looking forward to this cd. See, I originally got a free copy of Panopicon from Alek. He only asked that I give it a listen and tell me what I thought of it. Well, after I listened to it not only was I hooked but I went right on itunes and bought it. Why, you might ask; because it was so good that I felt I wanted to give back to the artist that made this piece of art.  

Well, while we are all waiting for Alek Darson's next masterpiece check out the videos of his playing below. I am sure you will agree with me that he is definitely a guitarist who is worth watching for, and listening to...


Not only is Silvia Cernicchairo one of the hottest women to swing an axe, with one hell of a great rock voice, we love her because she plays the bass. Lately her band Supervega has been playing gigs all around the beautiful French city of Cannes. 

Supervega is one hard rocking and hard partying band. Silvia and her crew have been gathering acclaim and fans since their first Xxmiglia (Italy) band contest in 2011. Ever since then they have been getting better and better at what they do; and that is rock!

They have built a repertoire of their own music and covers that have made them quite popular in their home of Nice, France. 

Recently they have been seen painted up at the Morrison's Irish Pub in Cannes for the Halloween Bash there, as well as the Palais Nikaia in Nice. 

You can find several of their songs on soundcloud, and they regularly update their facebook page with photos and videos. So check out Supervega's sites, and if you are lucky enough to be in Cannes this time of year go and see them at Morrison's Irish Pub on the 29th of November. 


Next up is our favorite Finn Elmo Karjalainen. He has been busy with his new album The Free Guitar Album and the new Seagrave cd. Both releases are now being mastered and will be out soon; crossing fingers. 

On the 10th of this month he shared on twitter a video of the song "Instrumental" from his new album. It is a great look at Elmo in his studio working out some of the kinks of a solo, complete with ad lib. He is great for videos like this, and always gives you a good look at the techniques and equipment he uses to build his songs. If you got the time check out his youtube channel and see just how good he really is.

If you want to know more about Elmo Karjalainen you should check out his web site and the two links below:
 Elmo was the featured guitarist on the Two Handed Player international showcase; and  highlighted on  Fretboard Fury for a lesson on bends. 


That is it for now. Thank you again for reading and keep on rocking.

Kevin Sweeney

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