Friday, 19 June 2015

Impolitely Canadian and More


This is a follow up supplement from a previous one titled And Now For Something Completely Different. It is also a review of what several of my favorite Canadian artists that I have written about earlier have been up to. I hope you enjoy it and check out these talented people.

Armed And Hammered

Tyler Morrison is a comedian from Canada that has been featured at the Ron Jeremy Roast, The Winnipeg Comedy Festival, the Dark Comedy Festival, The Boston Comedy Festival, and CBC's The Debaters. I was fortunate enough to catch him last year with the Forces Comedy Tour here in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

The reason I am revisiting this funnyman is to give you a review of his 2014 comedy CD Armed And Hammered, as well as give you a heads up on his new comedy special titled Impolitely Canadian

If you like your comedy with a bit of bite than you should check out Tyler Morrison, but there is more to this comedian than just shock. He is genuinely funny and informative, and it all comes shining through on his CD. 

On the album he discusses the pros and cons of French Immersion language training for your child, The Middle East, Burglars, and of course Drinking: Drinking while driving; drinking while hunting; and drinking while drinking. Believe me you will learn something even if it was something you really did not want to know in the first place.

If you like laughing at those videos of the people who shop at Walmart, wonder why country folk never spill there beer, and would rather laugh at the state of civilization today instead of cry then pick up Armed and Hammered. It is available on iTunes.

There are several upcoming events that you can catch him live at this summer. He will be featured at the Sirius XM Top Comic in Toronto on June 23, The Cottage Country Comedy Festival in Gravenhurst, and several dates in Montreal. To see more go to his web site and find out all the facts on this fabulous funnyman.


The Worshyp

The Worshyp is a great sounding Heavy Metal group out of Toronto that have been in our blog before. How much more Canadian can you get than for the band to have a link to Molson Canadian's Hockey Heaven video on their twitter feed? Well that is what you are dealing with when you follow these Canucks. 

Hell, during the Stanley Cup Playoffs there were more tweets about the games than the band on their twitter page. 

Another reason why I love this group is that they delve into concept work. Their album Kingdom Earth includes a four song tetra-logy called Kingdom Earth. The four tracks represent the revelation of an extraterrestrial threat that leads to mankind's eventual enslavement.

I am really looking forward to seeing what else these Headbangers come up with in the future.  

Until they release a new album I highly suggest you to check out their video for their song War Torn, which I have linked below. As a Veteran of the Afghanistan Conflict I find that I have become very fond of music videos about the struggles of "the Troops." 


Return For Refund

Return for Refund is another band out of The Big Smoke/Toronto. I unfortunately missed them when they played here in Kingston on their last pass through, and I am still kicking myself about it!

Drew and the boys have been busy playing all around and getting radio play both on the college stations and the local rock stations. Everyone seems to be really embracing their straight forward grunge based rock and roll.

 For a band that is touring off of the strength of one EP they seem to be only gaining steam. Their self-titled EP has been getting great reviews and recommendations. (WPGM)

So if you get the chance don't do what I did and get your ass out of the house and check them out!


Thanks for reading and check out these great musicians! Support your local Artists!

Kevin Sweeney

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