Saturday, 13 June 2015

Starr Blazerz Free Album and Some Bad Ass Bands!

Starr Blazerz

Starr Blazerz is record producer Justin Marlowe out of Fredericksburg going by the name of SoundControl and singer songwriter Glen 'Grey' Reynolds from the great state of Texas. What these two have been able to produce is a excellent album that is both creative and extremely listenable. It manages to mix a variety of  music styles into a great listening experience. It is perfect for those nights where you just want to relax with some good music and shut out the outside world.

In July they will be shooting a video for the song Hunted from the album, as well as developing the official album artwork. Until then, the full album is currently streaming on soundcloud, and I encourage you to check it out. 


Double Fuzz

Here is a great Canadian Blues duo. Double Fuzz is Jon Whitehead and Harvey Warren from Calgary, Alberta. They began cranking out their down and dirty version of full volume blues in 2012, and have not looked back since. 

You have to love a group that suggests that you turn the volume all the way up when you listen to them. They say Louder the better is their motto, and it shows in their fantastically fuzz filled sound.

It is great stuff to rock out to! They do amazing things with just a guitar, drums, and some 12 bar blues.

Their most recent endeavors have been following up their Double Fuzz album with attempting to use Storyhive to produce a professional music video for their single Sugar Mamma. Storyhive is a community powered funding program designed to support artists through $10k production grants and distribution on TELUS Optik TV.



SYKA is a rock band out of NY city, USA. They are known for their "elaborate live performances, stage makeup, and shocking wardrobe." Those are not the reasons I like this group - The reason I wanted to write about them was their sound. 

Their songs like Beautiful Nightmare and Dirty Secrets are wonderful. From the raw lyrics to Jesyka's rebel scream, they make you just want to rock out.

Along with their own modern version of down and dirty rock and roll they have some excellent covers of other great groups such as Heaven Knows by Pretty Reckless, and Trip The Darkness by Lacuna Coil


Thank you for reading and keep listening to good music.

Kevin Sweeney

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