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THRASH! Must I Say Anymore?

So You Wanna Sing Thrash?

 Are you pissed off at the world? Got some pent up rage and like rhyming words? Can you read at a grade five level or higher? Have you got an ego that makes you stand above the rest? Can you scream like a sex crazed hyena for at least two hours non stop? Oh, and do you like to Thrash, well then Lich King may just have the job for you.

These greasy bastards have been Thrashin' since 2004 and are signed to that demented Evil Eye Records label. Their last release was a seven song EP meant to hold over their hoards of manic fans until they can produce the next album.

Now, Tom is stepping away from the microphone and is leaving a gaping hole where the Lich King heart used to be. In other lesser bands this could mean utter defeat and humiliation, but not for Lich King.

Not content to cry in their beers and become a Country and Western Instrumental group, the boys are on the hunt for the next Thrash front-man/front-woman/front-gender non-specific/ front-trans-gender/front-trans-species.... Damn this is confusing these days! Awww, just watch the video!


Still Kicking The Krap Out Of Lame Music

OK Kraptor obviously did not graduate from Gene Simmons self promotion class 101 - They still wear other bands shirts, but they are still kicking some major ass on the South American Thrash circuit. 

These randy boys from Venezuela are Thrashing away south of the Equator. That is when they are not stuck in a single bed hotel room waiting for their next gig surviving only on stale chips and warm beer. Please send them money!

They are working on their new album, and there is a strong contingent of North American fans that want to see them North of the Equator.

Until then only the lucky few that can make it south of the Panama Canal can attend the Violent Mosh.

For now we will make due with what we can find on You Tube. So here are some videos...


BogoThrash Open Air Festival

On 14 June 2015 the BogoThrash Open Air Festival just out of Bogota, Columbia brought ten South American Thrash bands together for a hell of a party. One of our favorite Modern Thrash bands Kraptor was featured at the event. 

Bogo is a yearly bash that brings Thrashers from all over South America to a lush paradise to engage in a huge mosh pit. This year bands such as Brazil's Violator, The Female-fronted Colombia's Lucifera, and of course Venezuela's Kraptor came to rock the stage.

If you check out the videos online you can see the epic mosh pit for yourselves. There are quite a few shots of Violator just ripping it up.

Even that upstart Metal focused company Blackstar joined in the fray sending a contingent of Thrashers under the name of Blackstar Guitar Show. They riled up the eager masses with covers of SepulturaMetallicaPantera, and more. 

You can find a link to the Festival on Facebook. It contains feeds from both Instagram and YouTube, including a video of Kraptor at the event. There is an abundance of photos and videos from not only this years fest, but also from previous BogoThrash Open Air dates.

So anyone who loves Thrash and can still get a passport may want to check out the BogoThrash Open Air 2016. If I can get a new passport that will allow me through without security patting me down like last time, than I will go and bring you back videos, interviews, and pictures galore.

Until then you must be satiated with the videos from this and previous years Open Air Festivals.


The Big Four

I would be remiss in putting out a blog about Thrash without any mention to The Big Four.  Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax are the boys who stared it all, so here is what they have been up to...

Anthrax, the New York City band that are the originators of the Thrash Metal moniker, after 34 years are still going strong. 

Earlier this month Scott and the boys played a hometown show at the Hammerstein Ballroom. In an interview with Erik Holland Scott let it be known that Anthrax is well underway of developing a new release full of "Great, great Thrash Metal."

You can find links to a full review and photos from the June 2nd show on Anthrax's official website. 

I was introduced to the icon that is Anthrax back in 1985 when a friend of mine handed me a copy of Spreading the Disease on cassette and said I had to check it out. Later on in 1988 I fell in love with their album State of Euphoria and it became one of my favorite Metal albums of all time.

Next up on my list is the immortal Dave Mustaine and his Megadeth. Out of the these four I am a Megadeth fan first and foremost. 

You have to give it to the man who none less than Scott Ian calls "The man who invented Thrash Metal!" Dave Mustaine is this years Metal Hammer Golden God award recipient, the only truly Metal awards show in the fucking world!

You have until the 28th of this month to check out the Megadeth Backstage Auctions. If there is a piece of Megadeth gear or memorabilia that you just have to have, this is the site for you to go. They have flying V's, Marshall stacks, t-shirts, and tour stage backdrops. 

And, here is the best news of all... Megadeth is working on a new album! Check out the video below.

Slayer will be releasing it's first new album in six years, Repentless, on September 11. The Metal Eagle edition has an amazing cover that is a 3D representation of their eagle logo.

You can hear some of the songs off of the new demonic manifestation on their Facebook page. Implode, and When the Stillness Comes are great additions to their already vast Thrash catalog. I really like how they state in Implode that "I still think that God hates us all!" bringing reference back to one of my favorite songs by this Californian Thrash Metal band.

Their last CD, World Painted Blood, was Grammy-nominated, which is normally an organization that shuns any heavy music.

Slayer will be headlining the summer Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival that begins this July in San Diego. They will be sharing the stage with the one and only King Diamond, Those Heavy Metal Hillbillies HELLYEAH, and the Knoxville Whitechapel among others.

I still remember the first time I heard the 1986 Reign in Blood album, it was back in high school shortly after it had come out and I thought they were the heaviest group that I had ever heard. They also began my search for bands that had the pentagram in their logo.

Finally we come to Metallica, the band you love to hate. Sorry, I have had a grudge against them ever since they kicked out Mustaine. Still, I can not help but admit that they have put out some excellent Metal over the years.

Recently these guys have performed the US National Anthem at game 5 of the NBA Finals, and have joined forces with the ESPN's X Games in order to raise money for the victims of the central Texas floods.

On the 14th of September they will be in Quebec
City, Canada in order to be the final event to ever take place in the Colisee Pepsi arena. Then two days later they will be the first act to open the brand new Qubec Centre Vidéotron.

Metallica has always been a band constantly on the go and with all of their touring and special events, such as appearing for the puck drop for the San Jose Sharks, they will likely always find themselves in the limelight.


Unfortunately on the 21st of February of this year Bruce Sinofsky passed away. He was the "Architect" of the Metallica film Some Kind Of Monster. It is an excellent film that clearly showed the inner workings of the band during The Black Album and the struggles moving toward the St. Anger release. Whether or not you are a fan of Metallica this is a film you should check out.

Bruce was a talented filmmaker and from the praise and loving words that are written on the Metallica website about him, he will be very much missed. Rest in Peace Bruce Sinofsky, we are all better from experiencing the realities that you have revealed to us.


Thank you for reading, and thank you all for Thrashing!

Kevin Sweeney


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