Saturday, 13 June 2015

More Kick Ass Metal!

Forever Still

This excellent female fronted Metal group caught my attention by tweeting me. They have a great sound and I really like how Maja SchΓΈnning can effortlessly change her singing style from a gorgeous siren song to a raging growl.

There has been a wonderful upsurge in female Metal front-women and Forever Still should be seen as a front-runner in the ever increasing market.

Hailing from Denmark the band has gained fans and critical acclaim ever since they released their first EP, Breaking Free. Their EP's are definitely worth picking up. Breaking FreeScars, and Save Me are all beautifully crafted.

They enjoy taking full control of their creative endeavors including making their own music videos. It allows them to present a completely honest representation of their music and the ideals behind it.

So If you like your Kick Ass Metal sung by a Kick Ass Woman than you will definitely want to check out this Danish powerhouse.


One of my favorite guitarists that we have featured on an earlier blog, Elmo Karjalainen, brought this group to my attention. Elmo stood in for one of their guitarists recently and mentioned them on his guitar blog so it got me interested in checking them out. 

The band he mentioned is called Kilpi and they are well known in the Finish Rock and Metal community. They have an excellent sound and the lead singer Taage Laiho has a voice made for classic metal. 

In 2009 Kipi released their seventh studio album, not bad for a band that began in 2003. I really urge you to go to their website and read the English introduction to the band, it gives a great overview of the spirit behind the Rock. 

If you are unsure about listening to a group that does not sing in English I would encourage you to check them out anyway, because not too long ago there was a German group called Rammstein that managed to catch the worlds attention singing in their home tongue.

In the meantime check out their video from their hit Juggernautti.


If your taste in Metal edges toward Shock Rock then you will want to check out Demon Boy. Their live shows are "A Heavy Metal Fun-House ride through a Comic Book Hell." 

With song titles like I Kissed A Dead Girl, and This Halloween you can guess that Demon Boy follows in the steps of the likes of Alice Cooper.
With the belief that fans demand a great show to Rock out to Demon Boy delivers in spades. 

So If a party is what you are after grab your honey and let Demon Boy entertain you.


I can't say enough about the Metalcore force that is BLESSTHEFALL. These Arizona Metalheads are producing top notch Metal with just a hint of Industrial mayhem. 

Their 2013 release Hollow Bodies is just superb. It is just like a great whiskey; smooth to the taste with a hell of a punch. Check it out if you have not heard it!

Oh and they have a new album coming out in Sept 2015.

You can catch them on the Vans Warped Tour


Thank you for reading and keep that Metal flowing. 

Kevin Sweeney



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