Friday, 3 July 2015

Bands to Catch This Summer!


Royale's album ... As Long As The Money Lasted is one of the best albums that I have heard produced this year. It is excellent from the first track right on through to the last one. From just one listen I am certain that you will agree that Royale is a band that you should go and see. These four guys from Chicago are not only making great music but releasing it on Vinyl (my preferred medium for music.) They have taken their love of 1970's slick melody infused rock and roll and modernized it. What they have come up with they call Yacht Metal, and it is one smooth ride. You can almost see the vast sea around you as the guitars echo like waves, and the rhythm propels you forward through each track on their album.  

Maybe part of the reason they play so well together is that three out of the four of them are brothers. Joe, Nate, and Zach Bauman began the band by teaming up with bassist Marc Najjar in order to "make the heaviest music that they could that would inspire some serious baby making." I am not sure if it worked for them but they made some great tunes.
I highly encourage anyone reading this to go and get their album and follow them.


Hateful Bones

Hateful Bones is one of those rare bands that are able to connect to their listeners both sonically and lyrically. Their blues based hard rock beautifully connects to their ferocity of subject matter.  

Hateful Bones is not the angst ridden teenage rock that is plentiful out in the heavier genres of rock. These are the bones that have lived and struggled under the weight of a hard fought life.  that is left with the memories and pain that have matured through strife.

High Octane hits like "Finally", "Proud Man", and "No-refund" prove that these guys can rock out just as good as anyone else out there. I also really like how when they slow down for songs like "Damn Shame" the don't let up on the attitude.

Check these guys out and if you have the chance to see them live don't pass it up.


The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer

If you are looking for a great blues band than you can't go wrong with the Vancouver duo of Shawn Hall and Matthew Rogers, otherwise known as The Harpoonist & The Axe Murderer.
Their live gigs are something that has to be witnessed, many have said that they play rocking blues like it should be played. 

You can hear their LP's on their website, but I got to warn you, that once you hear them you are going to want to get them. Their mix of funk and soul filled blues is infectious and full of hooks.

 I love the artwork that they use for their posters and albums. It is worth it to check out there website just for the poster art alone, let alone the music.

 Recently they opened up a songwriting competition that is still open to enter until 15 Jul 2015. For the lucky one who produces "a song with a real fine melody" the band is offering a workshop with them that will end in a professionally polished recording.

They are keeping busy playing every blues filled festival from Vancouver Island to Quebec City this summer. Hopefully it will mean even more coverage for this amazing band. You can find their full listings of upcoming shows on their website.


Greg Ball

I can't end this list without including a local Kingston boy. We are eagerly awaiting Greg Ball's newest album, Alter Ego, which is supposed to be released this month. As soon as I get my grubby hands on it I will write a review on it.

CBC has said that Greg is "armed with a unique, appealing voice and a bunch of well written songs under his belt." The thing they missed in the intro to Greg is that he has a distinct Canadian sound to his music. 

If this new album follows the path of his previous ones is going to be even better than the last. He has always managed to improve upon his past efforts. Until then Big Kris from KROCK in Kingston will be releasing a podcast with an interview with Greg soon, so keep an eye open for it on 

If you have the chance go and see him live. He is often setting up stage around the Kingston area, so if you are anywhere near here keep an eye on his twitter feed and come on out to enjoy some great music.


There will be more coming but that is it for now. Thank you for reading and keep the music flowing cause the new generations need growing.
Kevin Sweeney

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