Monday, 20 July 2015

Some Good Beer and Great New Rock!

Today at Red House, a great local Kingston bar, I was able to meet with Kingston's one and only Greg Ball to talk about his upcoming album and the state of music today. We settled in at one of the bar tables with a couple beers and started to chat about his new release due out later this month.

The title is still up in the air Greg mentioned. Originally the CD was to be called Alter Ego but the band and label are discussing if that is going to be the final name of the release. This is the third third album that Greg Ball will be producing on the Ching label (Paul Langlois' record label,) and recorded at the legendary Bathouse studio.

Between the end of 2013 and the present Greg has been involved in two very successful cross Canada tours; one with Paul Langlois and the most recent with Rocket Surgery and Ruben deGroot.  Greg remarked that he feels very lucky to have been on both of those tours and found that everything and everyone just seemed to click in place for both.

Known for his ability to produce catchy authentic songs Greg mentioned that his songwriting has changed a lot over the years. He said that now his songwriting is all about a band centered dynamic,

 where everyone has input on every step of the songwriting process. It allows for more diversity in ideas and a more unified sound to their tracks.

Together the band feels that this new album, soon to be released, will be the the one that gets them some attention outside of the immediate Kingston area. They definitely deserve it.

When we approached the subject everyone has on their mind, money, he said that he would not have been able to get as far as he has if his motive for creating music is to get rich. Instead he writes and sings for the love of the art form and the response he receives from his loyal fans.

At that point we ended up having a surprising interruption. His drummer, Rob Radford, just happened to walk into the local watering hole. It just goes to show you how popular the Red House is. We all talked about how the band needs new T-shirts done up, and then continued the interview.

Greg told me that Rob is the foundation of the band, his talent for laying out a great beat for a song idea is beyond equal. "He is sure to become a legend one day."

Before we ended the small interview, Greg went over some upcoming dates that he is playing here in Kingston; such as this Thursday at Pan Chancho.

For only $25 you get a delicious Pan Chancho feast and a show by one of the best bands that Kingston has to offer.

Everyone who goes to Thursday's show will be witness to only the second time that the band will play live my favorite tune by the group, Carnivore. It should be a great show

Greg really surprised me when he allowed me to get a listen to his new album before it's even out, and it is even better than his last. This new effort has Greg and the boys putting out a rockier mix than either Mr. Rightplace or Excessive Until August. For you die-hard Greg Ball fans, don't worry he still has a bit of that Greg Ball twang ringing through the tracks.

The songs on this beauty are catchy and lyrical as ever. Even if you have not heard anything by these guys you are going to want to pick up this album. If this record does not open up new audiences for Greg Ball and his band then the rest of the world is tone deaf!

Make sure to keep watch on Greg Ball's twitter and facebook accounts for upcoming shows and the release date for the new CD. Take it from someone who has already heard it, the new Greg Ball album that you will want to pick up.


If you are looking for a great place with pleasant service and welcoming atmosphere, not to mention several cold brews on tap, go to Red House. It is smack dab downtown, not even a block away from the hub of Princess Street and King Street.

The fries were every bit as tasty as fry truck fries, and that is saying something.

Also, it is one of the only places in town where you can have local rock star Greg Ball serve you your drink. So what are you waiting for, come on down to Red House tonight.


I would like to thank Greg Ball for meeting me and discussing his music, and the staff of the Red House for a perfect atmosphere for the interview. As for everyone reading this, buy the CD and thank you for reading.
Kevin Sweeney

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