Saturday, 25 July 2015

Did You Say You Want More Metal?

Scenes Of Brutality Vol.1 is a compilation of malevolent Metal that those Metal Masters Theatre Nocturne brought to my attention. A product of the pairing of Metal Devastation Radio and the band Post Mortal Possession, it brings together 17 "brutal, crunchy, grinding, slamming, nasty, vile sounding metal bands from PA, NY, OH and WV."

Each group donated one song to the album and each of them are using it as free advertising for spreading the Metal gospel, and getting more interest in the Pennsylvanian Metal scene. " Its meant to generate shows and draw support to local underground music and create a surge in the underground."

So if you want some more growling and screaming underground Metal in your life, do yourself a favor and go get the free download.

If you got some extra cash and you want to support a good cause; All donations made for this compilation will go directly to helping out long time metal supporter Chris Dissell in his fight against cancer so know you money will be well spent!

Hell, it has one of our favorite nasty Metal bands Theatre Nocturne on it, is there any better reason to get the album for free on bandcamp.

While you are at it, check out Theatre Nocturne's 2014 release Depictions Of Life And Death. It is a great Death Metal offering on bandcamp too. 


 Since I'm informing you on Scenes Of Brutality Vol.1, I thought you might like to know a little more about Post Mortal Possession. These five guys from Pittsburgh have plenty of experience in the underground Metal scene, spawning from several different previous Metal outfits.

They formed out of the bowels of Hell back in October 2013 and have been striving ever since to expand the underground Metal community.

Post Mortal Possession's 2014 EP Possessing Entity is a bloody pit of screams, heavy rhythms, and Death Metal growls. You can find the first track from the album, "The Harvest" on Scenes Of Brutality Vol.1


One of the bands on Scenes Of Brutality Vol.1 that caught my attention was Victims of Contagion. They refer to themselves as a Technical Death Metal group. What really surprised me from their track "Subservience" was the incredible musicianship of the band. Not only were they quite proficient at cranking out Death Metal but they also incorporate other technically difficult styles of music within the Metal onslaught.

Going back to the song "Subservience" they actually incorporated some excellently played Fusion Jazz within the mix. It elevated my respect for the band immediately once I heard it.

Their 2014 EP Parasitic Unborn is available on bandcamp. It is full of grinding Metal and pleasant musical surprises, it is Definitely worth picking up.


If your looking for some more recent Metal, than check out Piranha's 2015 Junk Punch EP. It has four tracks of Metal that takes inspiration from Korn and Death Metal. It includes two excellent Metal anthems "Dayzed" and "(F**k) That Shit."

Shortly after the release Piranha were excited to find themselves playing alongside groups like Sevendust and GWAR.

The rest of this year will be all about touring to promote the EP and hopefully trying some new material to build a full album for their next release.

Check out this upcoming Metal band and pick up Junk Punch.


Forever Still The female lead Metal powerhouse from Copenhagen Denmark released a 3 track EP earlier this year. Save Me is a great example of the versatility of this group. Mellow or Rocking this band can do it all and with style.

The song "Breath In" off of Save Me is a perfect example of the versatility I mentioned. Within this track Maja Sch√łnning, lead vocals, shows just how she can change from a smooth and lovely to loud and Raw.

Earlier this month Forever Still released a new video for their song "Awake The Fire" which is also the first track on the Save Me EP. 

You can download the EP for FREE on bandcamp.


There is a lot more... but that is it for today.  Thank you for reading and keep that Metal flowing.
Kevin Sweeney

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