Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Canada Day 2015!

1 July is Canada's birthday. All around our great country we take the day off to celebrate our countries history and attend events. There are large concerts set up in our province capitals from coast to coast. This year I spent the holiday with several good friends at a local establishment.

KT's Sports Lounge

The Scott Racing team even showed up for the event

KT's Sports Lounge is a bar in the West end of Kingston that is owned by a former member of the Canadian Military. Today a crowd of friends, family, and local patrons celebrated Canada Day at KT's.

This Canada Day was a little extra special for KT's because it was the new owner's first official day as boss for the bar. There was a piping in ceremony where the new owner was marched in by a bagpiper, and after a few words and signing of papers the old boss was piped out.

Keeping the event going was a good bar band called Forty Days. Armed with covers that zig zagged across the landscape of rock music they kept the joint jumping. They played everything from Lynyrd Skynyrd to U2 (throwing in some Tragically Hip for good measure.)

Hailing from Odessa, just outside of Kingston, the trio has played for jails, churches, local charity events, and pretty much everywhere in-between. 

 It was an afternoon of cold beer and good friends.


The Pawnman Mark Bradac

Wyandotte had non other than The Pawnman himself on parade, and as you know wherever he is chaos is bound to follow:

"NEWSFLASH! Pawnman /Wyandotte Town Center Canada Day Float was hijacked by overwhelmed street security when pawndemonium continually broke out around the float." 

Somehow the float ended up floating off of the parade route. In the end Mark said that the whole experience was "PAWNTASTIC!"


The Rest Of Canada

As far as the rest of Canada... Ottawa had a huge outdoor ceremony along with other festivities for the 148th birthday of our country. The main show was pretty light on the rock and roll. Magic, the reggae pop group that has been getting a lot of airplay was the headliner, with Jonas and the Massive Attraction being the only real rock group on stage.

Jonas and the Massive Attraction in Ottawa

It surprised me that there were not more actual rock groups, not even our countries most famous ones. Still, at least they let Jonas play.

Waterloo did it right with a good old rock and roll concert headed by Canada's number one party rocker Kim Mitchell

Halifax had Kingston natives Glorious Sons, and the Juno award winning Arkells.

Moncton entertained their visitors by inviting them all to a concert featuring the Canadian rock icons Trooper!


Well, as I finish writing this the clock has turned past one am and Canada Day has ended for 2015.  I hope you all had a great one. I am starting to think that we need to get a heavy rock and Metal Canada Day concert up and running for next year. 
Well, until then thanks for reading.
Kevin Sweeney

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